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DS18 DDX9AD 9″ Single Din Head Unit


Bigger and bolder than ever is DS18s new revision of our long line of amazing head units, the DDX9AD!

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DS18 DDX9AD 9″ Single Din Head Unit Digital media receiver Mechless Player, Swivel Modular Touchscreen ,Bluetooth, Mirror Link, USB, Gps and Android 10

Bigger and bolder than ever is DS18s new revision of our long line of amazing head units, the DDX9AD!

This receiver shares a lot of the characteristics that its little brothers share except one HUGE difference. We have upgraded the screen size from 6.2 inches to a whopping 9 inches and this huge screen and believe it or not, is a SINGLE din! Now you do not have to depend on bulky double din setups large enough to accommodate the larger screen.

Now you and everyone in the vehicle can enjoy the crisp visuals along with goose bump worthy sound quality. Maneuvering through the options is quite easy with the touch screen controls and will give you flawless and absolute control over all the media you are wanting to hear.

This receiver will include everything you need to bring your multimedia dreams into full fruition with the Android operating system including Mirror Link, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, GPS Signal, AUX, USB, SD, phone controls, and all your AM / FM stations. Apps are also easily downloadable when you hook your head unit up to your cellular hot spot. The SD reader can use memory cards up too.

Your music can be set easily to your preferences with the easy to use and detailed manual and the 10-band equalizer can get you the sound that is specific to your tastes with easy access and settings. Mirror link is also easily set up in just a few steps so you can mirror all media from your phone to your device.


There is plenty of power behind this versatile receiver. At 4 ohms this unit offers 4×15 watts RMS and 4×40 watts Max power which is generally enough to power all entry level speakers, but to get the maximum output from this amp, you will need amplifiers and higher quality speakers to handle the power. The PRE-AMP outputs will deliver a maximum of 2.5 volts so you can be reassured that you will have enough output voltage for your amplifiers to get the clearest and distortion free sound available. Also 3 sets of preamp outputs (SUB, Front, and Rear) will be there for you to configure to your specific setup.


  • 9-inch (16:9) 1080p (1024×600 pixels) single din touchscreen to maximize your viewing in a small space.
  • Contains a 4-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 32GB of memory.
  • Full 10 Band EQ and Subwoofer LPF.
  • 2.5a preamp outputs (SUB And Front)
  • Built in Wi-Fi, Aux, SD Reader (64GB), 1.5a USB charging, AM/FM Tuner, and USB connections (1 front and 2 rear)




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