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Our Clear Bra Pricing

Our Clear Bra Pricing…

Custom Car Stereo & Tint is the premier dealer of SunTek PPF Clear Bra in the Dallas and North Dallas areas.


We have the best clear bra pricing combined with stat-of-the-art facilities to install your paint protection film.

If you are looking to protect your car's paint with paint protection film by SunTek, otherwise known as Clear Bra, Custom Car Stereo and Tint is a premier dealer of such paint protection technologies.

SunTek PPF (Paint Protection Film), or Clear Bra, offers breakthrough technology for paint protection from rocks, salt insects and other types of road debris. When applied correctly by your local Custom Car Stereo and Tint retailer, Clear Bra provides a self-healing, scratch resistant, high-gloss invisible finish that is sure to make your car stand out.

Custom Car Stereo and Tint, conveniently located in McKinney and Carrollton, TX, has been distributing and installing SunTek products since we have been in business. We service the general public, delearships and many other entities with acceptional Clear Bra services and budget friendly SunTek PPF pricing. Details are as follows but always contact us should you have any questions.

SunTek PPF Clear Bra Pricing Packages

  • Bronze Package - $1005.00
      Includes Bumper, Hood (8-12" of Coverage), & Partial Fenders
  • Silver Package - $1300.00
      Includes Bumper, Hood (12 - 18" of Coverage), Partial Fenders, Splash Guards, & Bumper Deck
  • Gold Package - $1689.00
      Includes Bumper, Hood (18 - 24" of Coverage), Partial Fenders, Splash Guards, Bumper Deck, A-Pillers, Roof Line, & Rocker Panels
  • Platinum Package - $2795.00
      Includes Bumper, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Rocker Panels, Bumper Deck, A-Pillers, Roof Line, & Headlights

All of the above packages include our exclusive Entry Point Protection Package! This alone is a $389.00 Value.

Paint Protection Film Clear Bra a la Carte

  • Headlights - $228.00
  • Bumper - $489.00
  • Partial Hood - $455.00 (8-12" of Coverage)
  • Partial Fenders - $325.00
  • Full Hood - $780.00
  • Full Fenders - $635.00
  • Splash Guards (four) - $425.00
  • Rocker Panels - $489.00
  • Deck Lid - $165.00
  • Entry Point Protection - $389.00 (Door Edges, Door Cups, Painted Kick Rails & Deck Lid)

We also carry matte PPF! Turn your vehicle into a protected, sleek looking, Matte finished Machine!

Full Car Matte PPF Packages

  • Starting at $4,550

More information on SunTek PPF Clear Bra: